Friday, November 4, 2011


I haven't posted much through this entire process... 1) I had to be vague about what we were doing which I didn't expect to have to do and 2) My wife started a blog about it and has more time than I to post.  I may post once and a while here still but you should follow my wife's blog...

That said everything has been going absolutely fabulous.  Still waiting for the expected age regression and struggle with authority but it hasn't happened after over 7weeks of being together full-time... even the transition with school has been great and, though she jokingly whines a tiny bit, she clearly loves it.

I guess I should say we always have the age regression... she is like a happy 10yr old nearly all the time ;)  Which is a blast for me but I think Melissa could do without most of it.... hehe.

Oh... and as I expected from summer... she has clearly been "churched".  She has no issue praying, wants to pray when I tuck her in at night, and found out recently that after she prays then she is reciting the Lord's Prayer... the Russian word for "bread" that I caught after a couple of times.

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